ALBUM: Abigail Crown – Incomprehensible (@AbigailCrown_)


he songs on the INCOMPREHENSIBLE album are a selection of songs that express some of my revelations of who God is. I’ve experienced him to be the God who loves unfailingly, the God who has a plan for me in His will, the God who came to give me salvation, the God who reigns and is exalted and so much more.
The purpose of this album is to let people know that God is incomprehensible. You may have known him to be your healer and provider, but God can be so much more to you. He longs to reveal himself to us in a new way everyday.

Track List :

1. DOWNLOAD Great Love Intro

2. DOWNLOAD Unfailing love

3. DOWNLOAD In your will (refix)

4. DOWNLOAD Incomprehensible

5. DOWNLOAD So Grateful

6. DOWNLOAD Praise Medley (radio edit)

7. DOWNLOAD Day Of Decision

8. DOWNLOAD In Your Will

9. DOWNLOAD To Receive All The Glory

10. DOWNLOAD Be Thou Exalted

11. DOWNLOAD Bonus Track

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